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This was the first place I thought of returning to during the pandemic.  Having traveled to Sardinia last summer, it was a mere trip down memory lane.  I spent most of my time on a yacht watching the cerulean blue water lapping below us.  We hiked to the utmost peak on the island to find a sleepy B&B surrounded by cork and lemon trees dangling beneath the hot sun. The ground was coarse with pebbles, the mountains littered with boulders and the breeze ever so gentle. Every sunset we watched the line of yachts waiting to dock while sipping on limoncello and Aperol spritz. The faint smell of fish as we walked by the marina quickly dispersed as we entered the town center and wafts of grilled crustaceans and lucious pasta filled the air.  Every child, teenager, woman and man on that island dressed in effortlessly chic attire.  The soft hum of conversation made every night a peaceful encounter as we overlooked the island.



Silhouettes: We needed newness in this collection that would tie back to the opulence of Sardinia.  Elegant and understated.  Adjustable keyholes, asymmetrical straps, flouncy ruffles.