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Project Coax

以環保意識來打造這個品牌,從包裝設計到產品成分都是乾淨無毒,且環保的。創始人是 Timothy,在台灣南部出生和長大。從小到大,在父母的茶館裡跑來跑去,空間中充滿著香氣,耳濡目染,激發了他對香氣的熱情。在青少年時期,獨自搬到洛杉磯學習設計,接著,開始環遊世界,最後,來到紐約並開始研究香水。憑著自己設計的背景,與旅行中獲得的靈感,開始了這個品牌。

Based in New York City, Coax's vision is to create elegant fragrances with modern minimalist design.
We build our brand with an eco-conscious mind; from our package design, ingredients, and packaging materials; clean, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

The founder behind Coax is Timothy, born and raised in the southern part of Taiwan. Growing up as a child, running around his parents tea shop immersing with aromas, it elicited his passion with scent.

He moved to Los Angeles in his teenage years to study design, then set out to travel around the world, later to New York and learnt about niche perfume.
With his background in design, inspiration from traveling, plus the courage and creativity that New York City gave him

- Coax was born.