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我們飛越了加勒比海,美麗的海藍色大海與天空連成一片。俯視下方的島嶼Aruba島,宛如寶石一般。當接近島嶼時,我們發現了熟悉的 Divi Divi 樹,這是Aruba島的天然指南象徵,它們優雅的樹枝被風吹著、搖曳著,引導我們前往城鎮Oranjestad。Oranjestad是一個多彩、熱鬧的城鎮。


We flew over the Caribbean, its azure waters so blue we couldn’t tell where sea touched sky. Below us, Aruba dazzled like a jewel. As we approached the island, we made out the familiar Divi Divi trees, Aruba’s natural compasses, their graceful branches shaped by the trade winds, which guided us towards Oranjestad. There, the colorful town center bustled with people.

Our pilot then hemmed west towards a secret blue lagoon where we spotted a flock of flamingos in languid, pink repose. Startled at the sound of the cessna motor, they suddenly took flight. Our hearts did too.