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以罌粟田而聞名的普羅旺斯,每年夏日隨著鄉村綻放成千上萬的鮮紅的花朵時,普羅旺斯就會綻放出絢麗的色彩。若說奢華是一種色調,le coquelicot就是奢華的靈感來源——它活力四射的色調貫徹於法國標誌性的時尚經典中:一齣歌舞表演、一條時尚的絲綢圍巾、一個大膽的紅唇。

Famous for its fields of poppies, Provence bursts into color each summer when the countryside unfurls into thousands of scarlet blooms. If luxury were a color, le coquelicot provides sumptuous inspiration— its’ vibrant hue is found throughout France’s iconic standards of chic: a glass of cabaret, a stylish silk foulard, a bold red lip.